Why is Rajnikanth Getting Trolled? Exploring the Reasons Behind the Criticism

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4 min readAug 22, 2023


As we all know, Superstar Rajnikant has become the latest target of the leftist ecosystem. His apparent crime? Bowing down to UP-CM Yogi Adityanath

What transpired?

A couple of days ago, Rajnikant visited Yogi Adityanath at his residence. Following this, a video of Rajnikant bowing down in front of Yogi Adityanath went viral. Soon after, the toolkit gang started trolling him mercilessly. One handle commented, ‘What a fall,’ while a popular Kerala left-leaning handle tweeted a photo suggesting that ‘equality’ is when you shake hands with a person, and not when you bow down at someone’s feet.

Why do we greet a person with Namaskaram or Namaste?

Apart from showing respect to the other person, saying Namaskaram acknowledges the equality of all beings. It’s a way of demonstrating respect to others regardless of their social status, background, or differences. Saying Namaskaram with both palms touching has several other spiritual reasons as well.

Who is Yogi Adityanath?

We all know that he is the CM of UP. But he is also the mahant (head priest) of Gorakhnath Matt in Gorakhpur, a monastery linked to the Nath tradition of Hinduism. A Yogi in the Nath tradition refers to a practitioner who follows the path of yoga and meditation as a means of spiritual realization and self-discovery.

Yogis in the Nath tradition are known for their emphasis on ascetic practices, physical postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), and meditation. They seek to achieve a state of union with the divine through their spiritual practices. The term “Yogi” signifies their commitment to the yogic path and their pursuit of inner transformation.

Why do we bow down before spiritual figures?

When we meet a Yogi or someone who is on the path of spiritual pursuit, it is customary in both ancient and modern India to bow down before them. This gesture signifies deep respect, humility, and surrender within our tradition. By bowing down, individuals also acknowledge the Yogi’s elevated spiritual status. Additionally, it serves as a means to seek their blessings, guidance, and wisdom. Those on the spiritual path are often aware of the significance of bowing down and touching the feet of a spiritual Guru, along with the perspective of spiritual energy transference.

Do they bow down in other cultures?

Bowing down is a method of greeting and demonstrating respect in numerous other Eastern cultures as well, including Thailand, Tibet, Korea, and notably, Japan. Bowing is deeply woven into Japanese society, being utilized in various social interactions ranging from greetings to expressions of gratitude.

Why did Rajnikanth bow down before Yogi Adityanath?

The act of bowing to revered figures, including spiritual leaders, is deeply embedded in Indian culture. Rajnikanth, being a strict adherent of ancient Indian traditions and practices, bowed down and touched the feet of Yogi Adityanath due to his status as a Yogi. This would be extremely difficult to comprehend for those, who have been influenced to believe that anything related to our culture and traditions should be discarded. A significant portion of the toolkit gang falls within this category.

Why the attack?

Last year, Kerala movie star turned politician Suresh Gopi was trolled when visuals of him handing over ‘Vishukaineettam’ went viral. The visuals showed those receiving the ‘Kai Neettam’ touching his feet, following the customs observed during Vishu, the Kerala New Year. Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that Rajnikanth is being trolled because he bowed down before a BJP leader. Always remember the following.

When they initiate campaigns to “smash Brahminical patriarchy”, do not remain silent. Remember that Brahmins are not the real target. Their target is your culture.

When your rituals and practices are singled out as myths and superstitions, remember that their real target is your culture.

When temple traditions are challenged in the name of ‘equality,’ do not make the mistake of staying silent. Remember that this is another way they aim to undermine your culture.

When spiritual gurus like Sadhguru, Mata Amritanandamayi, or Sri Sri Ravi Shankar are attacked and subjected to abuse, never remain quiet. Recognize that their target is your culture.

When Sudha Murthy is criticized for being a vegetarian, do not remain silent. Understand that their true aim is your culture.

Lastly, let’s also remember that Rajnikant is arguably the most popular star in the South. Yogi Adityanath, on the other hand, symbolizes the hardcore Hindi heartland. Visuals of the South and North converging clearly can make many people uncomfortable. Those trolling Rajnikanth are the same individuals who wish to exacerbate and perpetuate the North-South divide. These are the same people who shout ‘Hindi Theriyathu Poda.’ (I don’t know Hindi, go away) The optics resulting from the Rajnikanth-Yogi Adityanath meeting work against their objectives. But, in the eyes of those who value this culture, Rajnikanth isn’t only a superstar on the silver screen but also in real life.



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