Vishu Sadya and Beef: Polluting Kerala Culture and Traditions!

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3 min readApr 15, 2024

“In my house, the most important item for Vishu Sadya (feast) today was beef. For Vishu Sadya, there is a shift from a vegetarian to a non-vegetarian feast, especially in Northern Kerala districts.”

This is a reporter for the Communist-owned Malayalam TV channel, Reporter. In the video, she can be seen going around the Palayam market in Kozhikkode. She can be seen desperately trying to get someone to say they will make a non-vegetarian feast for Vishu. However, everyone she spoke to, reaffirmed that they would not make non-vegetarian food for Vishu.

This is a trend we only see around Hindu festivals. Either they tell us not to burst firecrackers, or not to “waste milk”! On other festivals, where vegetarian food is traditionally eaten, they bring in the vegetarian vs. non-vegetarian debate. To put things in perspective, Ramadan fasting was over a few days ago. I don’t remember seeing this reporter ask those who celebrated Ramadan whether they would cook pork, for their Iftar feast.

Why would they want to do this? They want to move us further and further away from our roots. Only then can they try to achieve their objective of “eradicating our culture,” right?

Remember, the “Eradicate Sanatana” project, which was wholeheartedly endorsed by Congress and all its allies? This is all a part of it (Image Courtesy: India Today)

What is Vishu?

Vishu Day is perhaps the most auspicious one out of 365 days for the Malayali. Vishu marks the first day of the astronomical year. Lord Vishnu and his incarnation, Lord Krishna, are worshipped on the day of Vishu. It is also believed that the demon Narakasura was killed on this day by Lord Srikrishna. This marks the start of the Malayalam New Year.

The festival begins with the traditional “Vishu kani”, (see the image), which is basically the first thing you see, once you wake up. Family members are taken to the “Vishu Kani” and asked to open their eyes once they are in front of the setting, early in the morning (see the image). Elders in the family give “Vishu kaineettam” (money given with blessings at the beginning of the year) to the younger ones. This is followed by celebrations with bursting crackers and the “Vishu Sadya” (see the image) for lunch.

With the influence of foreign faiths, there may be a few here and there who consume non-vegetarian food on this auspicious day. But traditionally, Malayalis stick to vegetarian food on Vishu day to celebrate it with all its sanctity.

Vishu Kani and Vishu Sadya

As for this news report, needless to say, the reporter made a fool of herself, as none of those she spoke to said they would be cooking non-vegetarian food for Vishu. The last 5 seconds of the video are hilarious. You can hear the reporter from the studio making a mocking remark at the reporter on the ground. The studio reporter is none other than Sujaya Parvathy, a sworn nationalist, and a vocal Modi supporter.

Our culture is extremely diverse, and there are well-established reasons for most of the practices we follow. Many of us may not be aware of those reasons. In such cases, the best course of action would be to respect the various customs and practices.

It’s not that the communists and the liberals are naïve; they are very clear about their objective of dismantling our culture, and they do this one brick at a time. In other words, they target our practices one at a time.



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