The Legacy of Veer Savarkar: A Comparison with Jawaharlal Nehru’s Incarceration and a Call for Respect

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3 min readMar 31, 2023

The more they insult a legend like Veer Savarkar, the more they end up alienating themselves from those who love this nation. This is not the first time, and we know that this will not be the last. At the drop of a hat, Rahul Gandhi proudly brags about his great grandfather who couldn’t survive a day in jail after being arrested by the British

Jawaharlal Nehru, along with K. Santanam and A.T. Gidwani, was arrested on September 22nd, 1923, for entering the princely state of Nabha, defying British orders. It is said that although the police offered immediate release, Nehru did not budge. According to Santanam, the cell where the trio was lodged was small and had a mud-covered roof. There were no arrangements for clothing or showers. Nehru, who was accustomed to the comforts of life, did not last long.

In his autobiography, Nehru himself recounts the incident: ‘All this time, until the forenoon of the next day, when we were finally delivered up at Nabha Gaol, the joint handcuff and the heavy chain kept us company. Neither of us could move at all without the other’s cooperation. To be handcuffed to another for a whole night and part of a day is not an experience I would like to repeat.’ It is clear that Nehru himself was not proud of how he handled the situation.”

Motilal Nehru soon came to his rescue, and the attitude of the Nabha jail authorities changed immediately after he reached out to the Viceroy. According to Santanam, ‘The authorities of the Nabha jail suddenly changed their attitude, and arrangements were made for our bathing. Our clothes were given to us, and friends from outside were allowed to send fruits and other eatables.’ Motilal deputed a lawyer, and Nehru’s sentence was suspended the same evening. According to Professor Chaman Lal, ‘Nehru was released from the Nabha jail only after he signed a bond that he would never enter the princely state again.’

In contrast, Veer Savarkar remained in jail for a total of 15 years, out of which he spent 10 years in Kala Pani, where he underwent the most heinous torture that no ordinary human could survive. Additionally, he was under house arrest for 13 years in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra.

If his grandmother were alive, she could have advised Rahul Gandhi. Perhaps Rahul Gandhi could take a look at this letter issued by Indira Gandhi to understand the high regard that his grandmother had for Savarkar.

Dear Rahul Gandhi,

You will have to take a few more births to even understand the greatness of Savarkar. In any case, this country has millions of nationalists who value every single freedom fighter who fought for this country. And please be prepared to apologize soon for all the insults hurled by you against Veer Savarkar



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