Sudha Murthy’s “Casteist” Interview: An Open Letter to the Trolls

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4 min readJul 28, 2023


Since yesterday, I’ve been seeing several trolls from the left eco-system attacking Sudha Murthy for being “casteist” in an interview. I decided to watch the show to understand exactly what were the “offensive” remarks she made about her vegetarian food preferences.

Here’s the part where she talks about this (Between 18:45–19:45 minutes):

Host: You have just come back from Paris. When you travel, what kind of food do you eat?

Sudha Murthy: When I travel abroad, I am in an adventurous mode with regard to my work, but not with my food. I am always scared. I am a pure vegetarian, and I don’t even eat eggs! I am always afraid that they may have used the same spoon for vegetarian and non-vegetarian. That plays in my mind. Because of this, when I travel abroad, I always look for a vegetarian restaurant, or I always carry one bag full of eating material, with 25–30 Chappathis, etc.”

These are the “controversial” and “offensive” comments she made in a 34-minute-long interview.

Dear Left Trolls,

In this interview, Sudha Murthy is talking about her own food preferences. Could you kindly enlighten some of us on what exactly offended you? She says she is a “pure vegetarian.” Yes, a pure vegetarian! Let that sink in! I understand that for some of you, being vegetarian is “casteist” or a sign of “superiority.”

I have eaten meat in my life, but then I transitioned to being a “pure vegetarian.” And I don’t even eat eggs now. I read a ridiculous argument that silkworms will be crawling all over the body, and so one is not a vegetarian if they wear silk garments. Seriously? Are you guys out of your minds? I may wear a silk shirt or a silk dhoti occasionally, but when it comes to my eating, I am a “pure vegetarian.” Being a “pure vegetarian” (yes, that’s me rubbing it in), I don’t eat in places where I suspect that the spoon may have come in contact with non-vegetarian food. And some of us eat vegetarian food for spiritual reasons too. I am not even going there, because you guys’ just won’t get it!

And, oh, I’m sorry to disappoint you. But I am not a Brahmin by birth. So, would you still call me a “casteist” or someone with a “superiority complex”?

Here are three questions for you:

Did Sudha Murthy ask you to be a pure vegetarian?


Did she ask you not to share spoons with others?


Did she say that she is a pure vegetarian because she is a Brahmin? Did she delve into her family or caste background?


Even if the answer to the above three questions is “yes,” I don’t see a problem. You know what! Why don’t you adopt a vegetarian diet? It is so much healthier; you start feeling more energetic, agile, and lighter. And this comes from someone who has eaten meat for a major part of his life. So, don’t even start talking about the “benefits of eating meat.”

If you didn’t like the above interview, you had the simple option of just closing the browser. Instead, you guys have gone on a rant, invoking her caste and family origins, which are just uncalled for! The problem is not with her remarks but with your mindset.

Your problem is also that Sudha Murthy is a self-made woman who succeeded through her own efforts. She did not have the support of reservations or other government privileges, which most certainly many of you must have received. We know that a successful woman from a higher caste is something you can’t stand. Therefore, she becomes a primary target!

We also know that you guys are relentlessly working to demolish our culture, one brick at a time. Many others have tried this in the past and failed. You guys can also keep trying! You can keep attacking those who follow Indian culture in its true essence! You will eventually fail!

Vegetarianism is a part of the ancient culture and heritage of this land. And it is extremely important for those on the spiritual path. You guys have forgotten all of it for your own reasons. That’s your problem! But there are many like us who still understand the wisdom behind our ancient practices, including our food/diet prescriptions.

Eat what you want! Do what you want! Stop attacking this culture and those who practice it!

Yours sincerely,

A Pure Vegetarian



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