Questions to the Protesting Wrestlers

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2 min readJun 1, 2023


  1. FIR: Your original demand was that an FIR be filed against Brij Bhushan Singh. Two FIRs have been filed against him already. Why are you protesting when the matter is already being investigated?
  2. Oversight Committee: If you were unhappy with the functioning of the Oversight Committee, why didn’t you approach the Court again?
  3. Legal Options: When legal options are still available to resolve this matter, why have you opted to protest?
  4. Parliament Inauguration: Aren’t you aware that the Parliament and its surroundings are high-security zones? Aren’t you aware that you need proper approvals and clearances to conduct a protest march? Didn’t you know that law enforcement agencies would intervene if you marched into a high-security zone without the necessary permissions and clearances? What were your intentions behind creating the ruckus on Parliament’s inauguration day?
  5. Alleged Incidents: You have claimed that the alleged incidents have happened for over 10 years. What stopped you from filing a complaint before? Has there been any fundamental change in circumstances now?
  6. WFI New Policy: We know that as per the new policy of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI), Olympic quota-winning wrestlers such as you may have to appear in trials before the Indian team for the Olympics is finalized. We know that you are unhappy with this decision. Is it a coincidence that you decided to take the protest route after this policy change?
  7. Case Merits: If your concerns are genuine, shouldn’t you be fighting this matter in court based on the merits of the case?
  8. Next Hearing: We are aware that the case is now listed for further hearing on June 27th. What is the logic behind protesting when the matter is already sub judice?
  9. You are celebrities and stars in this nation. However, do you think that a person can be immediately arrested and imprisoned based solely on your allegations? Shouldn’t you allow the law to take its course? Shouldn’t the accused be allowed to explain his stance in court?

This nation has given you a lot. Yes, you have brought recognition to the nation and made us all proud. By politicizing this matter and bringing a bad name to the country internationally, you are losing all the goodwill that a common man who loves this nation has for you. Please reconsider if this is the way you want to proceed.

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