Kerala’s Misplaced Priorities: Medical Procedures Delayed Due to Funding Shortage; Funds Allowed for Renovation of Mosques

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2 min readAug 14, 2023

It’s now being reported that in Kerala, 63 angioplasty procedures had to be postponed at the Medical College in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala. And the reason might surprise you. Any guesses? Well, the state government doesn’t have the funds to pay the suppliers of medical equipment required for these surgeries.

According to media reports, the government owes approximately INR 30 crore to various equipment suppliers of stents, catheters, wires, and other related items. You might have heard the left-leaning ecosystem constantly boast about how Kerala is number one in healthcare facilities. This is the reality behind those claims. It’s true that Kerala has several high-tech private hospitals. However, these are not affordable for the common man.

But let’s not be too harsh on this government. This is a government that goes the extra mile to take care of a certain community, even if it comes at the expense of providing basic healthcare facilities. What am I talking about?

On August 8th, it was reported that the state government had allocated an amount of INR 2.58 crore to build an amenity center at the Beemapally mosque in Thiruvananthapuram. This decision came after discussions between the mosque authorities and Mohammed Riyas, the tourism minister, who is also the son-in-law of the Kerala CM.

On August 12th, Mohammed Riyas announced that INR 99,90,000 has been approved for renovation work to be carried out at the Chaliyam Malik Bin Dinar mosque in Chaliyam, Kerala

Do you think this is a case of “misplaced priorities”? I would say that this government knows its priorities well. They know that they must ensure that a certain community is taken care of, at any cost.

This is a government that mocked the Puranas and Lord Ganapathi only a few days ago, calling Ganapathi “a myth”. The government manages temples, calling the deities “myths”. That issue is still burning as we speak. But the rules and opinions change, the moment it’s about another community.



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