Kerala Slogans and the Deafening Silence of I.N.D.I.A

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2 min readJul 27, 2023


It’s been two days since this IUML rally with provocative slogans against another community surfaced on SM. The video has been shared by thousands and viewed by millions worldwide.


  1. The Kerala media does not consider it important enough to report it or conduct news debates on this matter.
  2. 2) The left-controlled state government seems to have decided to look the other way.
  3. 3) Fact-checkers like “zoo bear” and Khanum Arfa are busy whitewashing the Udupi incident
  4. 4) “Intellectuals” like Javed Akhtar and Prakash Raaj havedecided to make this matter disappear by being radio silent.
  5. 5) Nobody…just nobody from the so-called I.N.D.I.A alliance has condemned this extreme provocation.
  6. 6) Even the popular Thiruvananthapuram MP decided to be quiet on this matter!

Formal “Apology” from IUML Leader

After the big hue and cry on social media, Panakkad Munawwar Ali, the leader of IUML, issued a formal apology yesterday, blaming the incident on one worker and subsequently suspending him from the party. However, many who saw the short clip could clearly observe several others raising the same slogans.

As we all expected, this suspension is nothing more than a sham to maintain the “secular” image. Let’s not forget that Munawwar Ali is the same IUML leader, who celebrated on social media when the Hagia Sophia church in Turkey was converted to a mosque. So, we all know how “secular” he is.


The takeaway from this entire episode is that the IUML leader was forced to issue an apology, even if it was an insincere one. And that is because the Hindu society managed to make their voice heard. And this is also because they are still in the majority in India, which may or may not be the case tomorrow. It certainly will not be the case in Kerala in a few years. Hindus must remember that they are on their own. Don’t expect someone else to do the talking for you. Speak up when you need to, and vote wisely! I’m sure you know whom not to vote for.



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